The Rise and Fall of a New Employee

How does a new employee impress their immediate boss? A new employee may rise above their expectations by the presentation of their work alone; this is the main element in delivering the objectives and goals of an organisation. A new employee’s boss will quickly get to know the capabilities, skills and qualities of his/her new employee. A new employee’s confidence level will be shown in their work; it will reflect their ambition and desire to ‘get ahead’ in a company.

Pitfalls of an employee rising to early
An employee should carry out their tasks quickly, competently and efficiently - but they should not try to be too clever, whether right or wrong, an employee who is too eager or ‘pushy’ will quickly offend the egos of other people, particularly their superiors - this is where the new employee will tread dangerously.

The new employee should be cautious in accepting challenges, which are too high; too expectant and unrealistic, this will create a negative outcome for the employee.

A new employee who rises too quickly risks losing their identity, meaning it could prove difficult for their subordinates to comprehend how the new employee is now a boss.
Create structured career goal
It is wise for the new employee to develop an acceptable and structured career goal in line with the company’s policies regarding promotion.

To survive quietly and confidently but successfully, the clever employee will remain modest and unpretentious over their accomplishments.
Accepting pressure
A new employee’s immediate superior will quickly assess how much pressure an employee can handle and will confidently distribute added responsibilities, if the new employee is keen to advance and take on extra work.

This is where the new employee should be careful not to tread on other employee’s territory, frictions could arise, power-struggles, which could result in an unpleasant hostility for the new employee.
The need for the employee to feel at ease with colleagues
Existing staff within a company want to feel comfortable with a new colleague, it is important for the new employee to treat people at all levels with equal respect, listen to people and respond to constructive criticism (from any level) positively.

The boss of a new employee will want to be at ease with the firm’s newcomer and it is crucial for the new employee to respect his/her authority. The new employee should follow the principle that ‘the boss is right.’
Control ambition
In a nutshell, the new employee should, whilst remaining ambitious, control and restrain their yearning to over impress. Self-controlled well organised individuals complete their tasks appropriately and efficiently. This will steadily and positively nurture the opinion of the new employee’s boss.